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Become one of our summer ambassadors!

Hey Ludic Babes, 

Are you interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador for Ludic? Take advantage of this awesome opportunity and join our TEAM! We're looking for ambassadors that are passionate about our brand, and genuinely want to help promote it. We have grown so much in 2021 & we are so excited that our program is offering new positions. 

When you join our program, you'll get paid to rep Ludic in the following way:

  • Your own unique discount code of 15% to share with your followers - the more you post and promote, the higher the discount offers.
  • Earn 10% commission, the more you promote the higher the commission.
  • FREE items determined by us, the more you post and promote, the deeper the discounts offered.

Be an active representative each month by implementing the following: 

  • Share your exclusive discount: The best way to get started is to share your discount code and affiliate link with friends and family.
  • Post about Ludic on social media: Use images from our website to create your own posts about our store, products, sales, etc. on social media.

We're excited for the opportunity to collaborate with YOU! Apply to join our program by emailing us at: with your interest in Ludic & instagram account where you plan to share our brand.

We are accepting applications NOW!

Can't wait to welcome YOU to the team!

Meet some of our Ambassadors' on the go-->

Kayla is passionate about helping others make money with her health and beauty business, all the while killing the fashion game. Find her on Instagram@kay_caputo /

Lexi is one of our top ambassadors and she is on the rise on tiktok where she styles trends and shares different styles! Find her on Instagram @lexi.phill 

Alex has been an ambassador for a few years and is constantly sharing her love for fashion on her social media platforms! Find her on instagram @alexshugartt

Danielle has been a top ambassador since day one! She has a passion for fashion and softball. She now works as a full-time coach and ambassador for Ludic. 

Kennedy is a fashion icon as she shares her trends through her large following on Instagram and tiktok. She now gets FREE Ludic clothing for her amazing ambassador work. Find her on Instagram @keneurich

These are just a few of our AMAZING ambassadors. They are passionate about our brand and work hard to showcase their unique pieces. We are looking forward to expanding our team, staying UNIQUE, fun, unapologetic and all things Ludic.

We look forward to growing with you! 


The Ludic Team